Coach Eve's Ultra-Running Resume

PC: Howie Stern Photography


June - crewed Altra Elite Mark Hammond at Western States 100

April - Leona Divide 100k, 1st female (Western States qualifier earned)

March - Mesquite Canyon 50k , 2nd female

February - crewed and paced 50 miles of Rocky Raccoon 100 miler

        - paced 20 miles of Jackpot 100 mile looped race (runner’s first 100)

Upcoming Races

September - crewing Spartathalon (150+ mile point-to-point race in Greece)

October - Canyon de Chelly 50k

November - JFK 50 miler 


December  - crewed and paced 20 miles of Across the Years 24-hour looped race

October - Javelina Jundred 100 mile, 18th female, sub-24 hour (23:01:03)

September - Stagecoach 55k , 4th female 

        - crewed and paced 40 miles of The Bear 100

August - Mt. Whitney summit (self-supported)

        - Mt. Charleston and Griffith summits “marathon” (self-supported)

July - crewed and paced 30 miles of Vermont 100

June - Bootleg Beatdown 10 mile, 2nd female 

        - Havasupai backpacking (overnight pack in/out; self-supported)

May - Quicksilver 100k, 9th female, Western States qualifier 

March - Mesquite Canyon 30k, 4th female 

January - San Diego trail marathon, 5th female


December - McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50 mile,  1st female

October - paced 20 miles of Javelina Jundred 100 mile (loop 4; runner’s first 100)

September - Grand Canyon 50k “fun run”: rim to Ribbon Falls to rim (self-supported)

August - Mt Ord 50k “fun run” (self supported)

May  - Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim 48 miles (aka: R3, double crossing; self-supported)

April - Whiskey Basin 57k , 3rd female

Pre-Ultra Podium Finishes


October - Cave Creek Thriller 11k, 2nd female 

January - Coldwater Rumble 20k, 3rd female

            San Tan Scramble 17k, 3rd female


November - Pass Mtn 12k 2nd

October - Cave Creek Thriller 19k, 3rd female

August - Hypnosis Night Run 15k, 2nd female

July - Vertigo Night Run 10k, 2nd female

June - Adrenaline Night Run 13k, 2nd female

May - Sinister Night Run 9k, 2nd female

Volunteer work

Coach Eve also regularly volunteers at running events, including races put on by Aravaipa Running in Arizona and Desert Dash Trail Races in Nevada.