Testimonials and FAQs


Client Reviews

“I can honestly say that there is no way I could have ever achieved this without my coach. She gets it. She knows her stuff. She draws out the best in you, while stretching you and developing those shortcomings. But what makes her special is that she believes in you. She is your biggest fan. And she wants nothing other than to see you succeed and will find a way to make it happen.” - Catherine

"I'm glad to have such an awesome coach who came up with a plan that feels like it's working better for me already. If you feel like you also could use a little bit of direction, check out my coach, Eve!!" - Amanda

"[My running plan] is tailored exactly to my crazy schedule...I can clearly see the work and dedication that was put into creating it." - Wendy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is a typical training plan? 

A. Training blocks are typically 10-14 weeks before a large race but can be as long as 20 weeks or as short as 4-8 weeks, depending on fitness and goals. 

Q. How do I decide which level of plan I need?

A. The basic plan is intended for more experienced runners who are familiar with the basics of training for a key race and have followed a set training plan in the past. If you need more encouragement or motivation, the detailed plan provides more regular check-ins for increased accountability. The intensive plan provides a detailed-level of support with easy access of questions as you go and is ideal for athletes who are making a transition, whether that's building a more active lifestyle, transitioning to trail running, or tackling a new race distance. 

Q. Where is RMC based?

A. RMC is based in Phoenix, AZ, with a secondary base in Las Vegas, NV. Looking for a destination race? RMC can recommend several in either state.