About RMC

Personal history

Eve is an educator turned stay-at-home-mom turned ultra-runner. Trail running has been a passion for her since she was a teenage cross-country runner, but she re-dedicated time to it after being on bedrest during her first pregnancy.  After years of racing shorter distances on trails, Eve ran her first ultramarathon in 2017 and has continued racing and adventuring since then. Rising Mountains Coaching embodies this spirit of adaptation and the idea that anyone can do hard things with focus, hard work, and encouragement. 

Racing biography

Eve has completed many ultramarathons and ultra-length self-supported adventures. She podiumed in her first ultramarathon in 2017 and took first female in her first 50 mile race later that year. In 2018, Eve earned her first Western States qualifying time and finishing sub-24 hours in her first 100-mile race. She started her 2019 racing season with another podium spot in a 50k and then took first female in Leona Divide 100k. 

Eve also regularly volunteers at races and provides crew and pacing assistance. When not racing, she likes to go on epic adventures, like a double-crossing (rim-to-rim-to-rim) of the Grand Canyon or summiting Mt. Whitney.  See "Run Resume" page for more details.

Other professional experience

In addition to coaching, Eve has worked as an English language instructor for over 15 years. Working with private clients and in university classrooms has given her insight on what helps hold people accountable and how to best assist people in achieving concrete goals. Eve is also a mom of 2, which helps her understand how to successfully strike a balance between family, work/life, and training.