What RMC Offers


Training Plans

RMC offers personalized training plans to support athletes of all levels who are pursuing various fitness goals. All plans can be tailored for trail and ultra-running, road running, and/or power hiking. 

Packages can be combined over a duration of time to maximize long-term training; contact RMC for personalized recommendations.

RMC also offers add-on packages for strength training, yoga-for-runners, as well as pre-race/drop bag consultations for ultramarathons. Contact RMC for more details and pricing.

1. Basic: $10/week 

This plan provides customized training for a designated number of weeks, culminating in a personal goal (like a race) or as preparation for a more intense training block. The plan also includes monthly check-ins and pre- and post-goal check-ins via email or DM. 

2. Detailed: $100/month

This plan provides customized training on a monthly schedule. More support is provided than in the basic plan, making it ideal for a new race goal  (PR, new distance, new terrain, etc.) or for an athlete coming off of injury. The plan includes weekly check-ins, minor revisions, and pre- and post-goal check-ins via email or DM. 

3. Intensive:  $150/month

This plan provides customized training on a monthly schedule. In this plan, the degree of support is individualized, making it ideal for someone new to running, an athlete struggling with chronic injury/health issues, or an athlete who prefers a high level of encouragement and accountability. The plan includes unlimited check-ins via phone call, email, or DM, week-by-week adjustments of plan, as needed, and pre- and post-goal check-ins via email or DM.

Upcoming workshops

Check back here for educational workshops (workshops may be live-streamed for existing clients).

Local to Arizona or Nevada? Contact RMC to schedule an on-site workshop or consultation for your running group! 

Deals and Discounts

Current offer: 20% off all training plans!!

RMC clients also have access to seasonal promotions and discount codes for races and running-related products and merchandise. Current discounts for active clients include Desert Dash Trail Races, Runners High Herbals, Megaton Coffee, BOA USA, PRO Compression, Sarah Marie Design Studio, Dirtbag Runners, Pro-Tec, and more. 

Blog Updates

April update: RMC coach Eve is first female in Leona Divide 100k!

Supported group runs for women

RMC has partnered with Desert Daisy Run Club to provide support specific to the needs of female runners. The Phoenix-based women-only running group is a community that trains together in preparation for upcoming races. RMC can provide custom training plans that work with the Desert Daisy group run schedule. 

RMC and Desert Daisy will also provide opportunities for weekend destination training trips.

Visit Desert Daisy